The JLI Faith and GBV Hub was launched in 2014 under The Joint Learning Initiative (JLI)an international collaboration on evidence for faith groups’ role and contributions to local community health and wellbeing and ending poverty. One of the five current learning hubs of the JLI, the GBV Hub aims to build on the momentum of the efforts of a variety of members actively involved in gender-based violence (GBV) efforts across the world ranging from INGOs, researchers, and faith institutions, among others. Since 2014, the GBV Hub has produced a number of research outputs, which can be accessed here.

In 2020, The Joint Learning Initiative (JLI) and the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) worked together in a new iteration of the existing JLI GBV Hub, originally established in 2014 – the JLI/SVRI Faith and GBV Hub. The goal of the Faith and GBV Hub is to advance the evidence base and capacity for research on faith and violence against women and violence against children. The Hub provides an opportunity for advocacy through a platform to share research findings and strengthen the capacity of those in the field of Faith and GBV. The secretariat of the Hub is with the SVRI for a joint evidence and knowledge platform focusing on faith and GBV. The work of the Hub is guided by an interim Leadership Council.

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The SVRI and JLI is looking to formally establish a Leadership Council for the Hub building on the existing interim Leadership Council.

The Leadership Council

The JLI /SVRI Faith and GBV Hub Leadership Council will be made up of members that work within the faith and violence against women (VAW) and violence against children (VAC) fields and represent different perspectives, experiences, constituencies, and geographical diversity. The Leadership Council will provide guidance on the strategic direction of the Faith and GBV Hub, its projects and programmes, to ensure that through this Hub, the SVRI continues to advance research on faith responses for the prevention and response to VAW and VAC in low and middle-income countries.

Terms of Office

There will be at least 5-7 members on the Leadership Council. Council members shall serve terms of three years. Every 2-3 years, a Council chairperson will be selected to serve as the primary contact between the Secretariat and the Council and to lead the Council.

Composition of the Leadership Council

  • The Leadership Council will be composed of 5-7 members who work in research and the faith and violence against women and violence against children fields
  • Members of the Leadership Council will include the SVRI and JLI Senior Leadership and:
    • Have proven track record of quality research and/or programming on faith and violence against women
    • Support JLI and SVRI’s principles and values
    • Have access to networks and funding leads for the ongoing sustainability of the Hub
    • Have experience and skills in some or all of the following:
  • VAW and faith research, measures and tools
  • translating evidence into policy and practice
  • policymaking and/or service provision
  • and knowledge of capacity strengthening for research

Activities of the Leadership Council

Leadership Council members commit to:

  • Dedicate 7 – 14 days per year – this includes attending the annual meeting
  • Provide guidance and recommendations regarding long-term activities of the Hub,
  • Actively participate in annual and ad hoc strategic meetings,
  • Review and make comments on work developed by the Secretariat,
  • Provide input on planning and funding of activities and outputs/outcomes,
  • Help identify funding opportunities and raise funds for the Hub,
  • Help maintain link to previous Hub work to avoid duplication and ensure evolution of the evidence base,
  • Periodically review the purpose, tasks, and responsibilities, expectations, composition, and terms of reference for the Leadership Council to ensure that the organization of the council represents the members’ concerns and interests in the current phase of work of the Hub and advances the reputation, credibility and access of the Hub,
  • Ensuring that activities meet the goal and objectives of the Hub,
  • Act as an ambassador of the Hub.

Application Process

The interim Leadership Council of the JLI/SVRI Faith and GBV Hub is made up of 4 members, namely, Elizabeth Dartnall, Kirsten Laursen Muth, Prabu Deepan and Elisabet le Roux. We are looking to expand the Leadership Council through this call.

To apply, email with the following:

  1. A one – two page CV, with an overview of your professional trajectory, highlighting what particular skills and experience make you ideally poised to strengthen the Hub
  2. A motivational letter on why you would like to be on the Leadership Council (2 pages maximum).

Applications close on 9th December 2020 for the Leadership Council 


View on the SVRI Website here and learn more about the new SVRI/ JLI GBV and Faith Hub.

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