In 2016, the UK-Aid funded a JLI GBV Hub study entitled “Working effectively with faith leaders to challenge harmful traditional practices”.
The study itself follows a multi-case case study design, with each individual case study focusing on one of five organisations, four of whom are international faith-based organisations (FBOs), and their work on harmful traditional practices (HTPs) and with faith leaders. An anonymous, online survey was also done, with academia, policy makers and practitioners active within the field of faith and/or harmful traditional practices (HTPs) or harmful cultural practices (HCPs). The fieldwork
was preceded by a literature review, looking at existing HTP prevalence data and then at the available literature on faith and HTPs.

This survey report is on the data from an anonymous, online survey that was completed by 65 individuals from across the globe. As such, the survey report merely details and explains the data gathered through this survey.

In the synthesis report (see here) – the literature review, five case studies and the survey data are analysed as a comprehensive whole.


See full JLI GBV Study Toolkit here

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