An Outcome Harvesting plus Attitude Change toolkit for peacebuilders and other changemakers

Is your context so complex and fast-changing that your logical framework feels disconnected from reality? Or does your project plan emerge over time in ways that make it difficult to predict detailed results? In those contexts, the Outcome Harvesting methodology for behaviour-focused monitoring, evaluation and learning can be a great solution. Outcome harvesting was developed over the last 15 years by Ricardo Wilson-Grau and colleagues.

This toolkit presents an adaptation of Outcome Harvesting. We call it ‘Outcome Harvesting plus Attitude Change’ (OH+AC). We add attitude change in cases where individual inner transformation is essential to the success of the project – such as peacebuilding across lines of religious or ethnic identity. Recognising attitude change helps us better understand the processes of behaviour change and social change.

The toolkit is written for teams implementing projects in which behaviour changes and attitude changes matter – and also for the monitoring and evaluation resource people who support them. It looks at OH+AC through the lens of peacebuilding, and highlights examples and principles of how this methodology can be applied across other areas of Tearfund’s work.

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