The Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Hub of the JLI is new, building on the momentum and efforts of a variety of members actively involved in SGBV efforts across the world ranging from INGO’s, researchers, and faith groups, among others.

What are faith groups’ activities and contributions to the prevention of SGBV and to the protection and care of victims?

SGBV Hub Secretary: Veena O’Sullivan, Tearfund/We Will Speak Out 

Hub Co-Chairs:
Diana Arango, World Bank Group
Elizabeth Dartnall, SVRI

We are very appreciative to Lizle Loots, SVRI, who has previously served as a Co-Chair of the JLI SGBV Hub.

The JLI SGBV Hub strives to increase the quality and quantity of robust, practical evidence on the pervasive, but poorly understood and uncharted role of local faith communities (LFCs) (both positive and negative) in community health and development and SGBV prevention.

At the same time it will collect information and evidence that will enable FBOs to respond in a more nuanced way in their SGBV prevention activities, as well as data that can be used to mobilize FBO engagement on SGBV prevention. Thirdly, it will test research designs and tools to measure FBO response to SGBV. The lessons learnt will enable the development of research methodology and tools that can be used to measure FBO response and impact on SGBV prevention in other locations in the world.

This research will help bridge the evidence gap, provide practitioners, policy makers and donors with robust evidence and actionable policy and programmatic recommendations in order to influence policy, praxis and funding decisions, transforming the quality and impact of partnerships between FBOs and other development actors. The goal is for the research to eventually enable multi-sectoral responses and partnerships on SGBV prevention.


Recent Article in RFIA 2016: Engaging Faith Leaders

If you would like to join this hub, click here. 

Current work is on engaging religious leaders in harmful and traditional practices. Please see the news section for updates.