September 27, 2018
Hub leadership in attendance: Lucy Gardner (Coordinator), Liz Dartnall (SVRI), Diana Arango (World Bank)
Attendees: Emma Bridger, Shahin Asraf, Rachel Tavernor, Lisa Le Roux, Shereen El-Feki, Marianne Sliwinski, Anne Gregora, Ifeanyi Okoye Richard, Pandu Hailonga – van Dijk, Sharifa, and Rob Kilpatrick
JLI GBV Hub met to discuss updates from the Co-Chairs since SVRI, recommendations from SVRI, Hub Survey themes and feedback, time for discussion, activities of outputs for next 6 months – PaRD gender work stream collaboration and strategy/direction of hub

Workplan discussion for GBV Hub

  • Finalize Revised TOR for GBV Hub, send comments to Lucy
  • Develop a strategic plan.
  • Hub to develop recommendations for academics and others on working with the faith sector around GBV.
  • Continue to share tools and information for delivering best practice and research.
  • Promote interfaith dialogue through different mechanisms, including online discussions and at key events such as the SVRI Forum.
  • Disseminate knowledge of funding opportunities
  • Hold a series of webinars on topical issues identified by the membership
  • Members present their own work through webinars and through the GBV hub updates/website.
  • PARD gender workstream collaboration

Next steps

● The suggested workplan was discussed and it was agreed that this is a good starting point.
● In addition, through the discussions throughout the meeting, three broad themes were identified to target action points and strengthen our identity / purpose as a hub.
These three themes are:
  1. Sharing knowledge and learning
  2. Strengthening hub communications / networking
  3. Distilling best practices and information on GBV and faith

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