Pre-conference to International AIDS 2018 conference

Amsterdam Planetarium on 21-22 July 2018

The programme and discussion focused around how faith groups and leaders can, should and are building bridges to more effectively eliminate AIDS, with particular attention to marginalized groups. Tentative topics include: migration and HIV; children, adolescents and HIV; substance abuse and HIV; and people at the margins.

The theme was increasing access; eliminating stigma and discrimination; and promoting human rights.


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Press releases

Building Bridges in the global HIV response (WCC press release of 25 July)

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Debunking myths and serving all: People on the move and HIV (press release of 23 July 2018)

“We just need to work together” – Children, Adolescents and HIV (press release of 22 July 2018)

Building bridges between the HIV and TB responses (press release of 22 July 2018)

“The materials are us” – Faith building bridges in the HIV response (press release of 21 July 2018)

Global Village – Faith Building Bridges Networking Zone, Day by Day (pdf)


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