The co-convenors of the Sexual Rights in Development Community of Practice (CoP), established under the aegis of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) would like to invite the JLI Network to take part in their collaboration.

ACFID is the peak body for international development bodies in Australia, and the ACFID Code of Conduct has recently been revised to ensure agencies focus on ‘intersecting drivers of marginalisation and exclusion’, including (but obviously not limited to) gender identity, sexuality and sexual orientation. The CoP is running an action learning project, ‘Faith in the Future of the ACFID Code of Conduct?’, looking at the challenges and opportunities this presents for faith-based, and secular, organisations.

They are interested to hear the views/experience of any JLIFLC members in regards to this issue. Also very happy to receive any relevant literature!

Please see here for more on the RDIN project.

For more information or to share experiences/documents, please contact Gillian Fletcher directly at [email protected]

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