The JLI GBV Hub is hoping to gauge the interested persons in the participation in SVRI Forum in Rio, September 18-21.

SVRI is a  space for the gathering of researchers and practitioners working in the area of SGBV. SVRI Forum 2017 will provide a platform for showcasing research and innovation in the field enabling participants to learn about new and tested interventions on how to end sexual violence, intimate partner violence and child abuse and maltreatment. The SVRI Forum 2017 will have various participation modalities including but not limited to: abstract-driven presentations to meetings, plenary and networking sessions, poster presentations, parallel events.

We are trying to get space for faith within the overall conference. One of the best ways is through submitting a host of abstracts around faith which last year resulted in a panel.

Please let email the JLI Knowledge Manager, Stacy Nam ([email protected]) a few things-
1. Are you going to Rio?
2. Are you submitting an abstract on evidence for faith? (The abstract deadline is the 1st of February! See abstract guidelines here)
3. Are you interested in working together to pull off a workshop?

There are 3 potential opportunities for a workshop:
1. Host a workshop to bridge the gap and build understanding between faith and non faith actors, specifically helping academics/researchers understand the language of, challenges and opportunities of involving faith.
2. Have a panel or 2 demonstrating good quality evidence around the involvement of faith in SGBV.
3. Have an informal meeting with people interested in or working with faith to map priorities for influencing the research community.

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